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3 minutes teach you silicone hair transplant technology! ! !

Writer:adminSource: Date:2018-07-19

3 minutes teach you silicone hair transplant technology! ! !


Today's social development is too fast and there are many new things.The most popular is the most popular fire: robot girlfriend, inflatable doll girlfriend, anti-real people wax.This is common to us and does not affect the health of the environment.


Next, we will introduce a new type of high-tech, environmentally-friendly and safe robotic silicone beauty and pure silica gel beauty that can improve human life and provide quality of life. Silicone people have high simulation, high texture, easy coloring, easy to implant, temperature, just like real people are twins. The elastic skin texture on the surface of silicone is stronger. With no fear of falling, not afraid to screw, not afraid of pinching, no deformation, no cracking and other advantages.


Therefore, it is now more and more popular among people. Nowadays, it has gradually replaced wax figures. At present, many of the world famous Madame Tussauds wax museums are made of silica gel, which is often much more realistic than wax figures and sculptures.


Prepare for hair transplant! ! ! !



Simulated silicone human hair preparation tool: hairpin, wig.

The hair-implanting needle can be used for the film and television special effects makeup fake skin grafting. For example, the silicone doll, the silicone person, and the rubber can be used for hair-transplantation.


As the saying goes, people depend on gold clothes for their clothes. The same is true of silicone celebrities and silicone beauty. There is a devil-like figure, a pretty face, and ultimately a beautiful black hair.

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