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Your silicone rubber, my miss in heart!

Writer:Mr. FrankSource: Date:2018-07-04

Shenzhen's summer is like a fire, as if a hot body dancer, charming and moving! Some people say that the summer in Shenzhen is the most beautiful season, because the beautiful ladies and sisters are wearing beautiful dresses, the handsome little brothers are also wearing clean white shirts. And I said that the most beautiful is not just the glorious face of younger brothers and sisters, but also our story that took place in the summer!


Condensate like fat, white as snow, pure as the snow lotus in Tianshan, and it seems to be a cloud of clouds on the horizon. Your beauty is fascinating and fascinating! It was in this romantic summer, I met you! And you also have an elegant atmosphere name - Silicone Rubber! 

Silicone, also known as silicone rubber, color is mostly white, translucent, or transparent color. It is a non-toxic, non-toxic, high-low temperature, chemically stable material.


The first time to know silicone was in the factory of Hongye. I was amazed to see all kinds of silicone molds at that time. I did not expect a small silicone actually has such a large force, you can make a mold to copy a variety of exquisite works of art. Moreover, the copied artworks are very exquisite and the detailed patterns are very clear and delicate. Archimedes once said, "Give me a fulcrum and I can shake the earth." I want to say "Give me enough silicone, I can copy a globe." Although somewhat exaggerated, silicone really does have this magical function.



What we are talking about here is actually the liquid mold silicone rubber, which is also the most used silicone at present. This type of liquid mold silicone is mainly used for the overmolding of gypsum, cement, GRC, resin, glass products, some copper products, wax products, artificial stone and other products. The quality of the Hong Ye molding silicone rubber is very good, and there have been more than two decades of production and research in this field. Not only has good fluidity, strong tear-resistance performance, good elasticity, durable mold made, but also the price is very affordable.


The following can give you a look at the parameters of Hong Ye molding silicone rubber:



Hong Ye silicone rubber not only provides inexpensive silicone, but also provides systematic one-stop operation and technical guidance for silicone. Allows you to use your silicone with confidence, peace of mind and happiness to meet your all-round needs.

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