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The Big Functions of Silicone Rubber you don’t know Date:2018-06-30

Decoration is the first job after buying a new house, and ceiling decoration is the first job that decorates a project. Moreover, the gypsum ceiling with exquisite pattern must be your first choice when ceiling decoration.


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There are hard decoration and soft decoration in decoration. Some soft decoration like ornament can embody a goodwife’s taste in fashion. We can select some suspends, the accessories, fake flowers, exquisite frescos for decorations, and then sweet smell of the home arises spontaneously.


But what does it have to do with silicone rubber?  


When I’m getting started with silicone rubber, I thought it is of limited use and the business may be tough, however, I found that with time, silicone rubber is ubiquitous throughout our life. 

The production of any item can not be separated from the mold, a steel mould and a copper mould can produce the products from thousands to millions. The mold making silicone rubber costs a few dollars but it can make molds, so it is the most widely used silicone in silicone rubber.

Application of mold making silicone rubber:
Mold making silicone rubber is mainly used for making molds of concrete stone, GRC, gypsum/resin/candle crafts; artificial stone, cement products, sandstone, statues, fake flowers and similar products.

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Features of Mold Making Silicone Rubber
1.Two part flowing liquid silicone rubber, Part A is a flowable liquid, part B is the curing agent or catalyst. Adding 2%-3% Part B, mixing part A and part B evenly, and vacuum pumping.
Any complex pattern can be duplicated because of the soft of mold making silicone rubber.
An exceptional fluidity and good operability of mold making silicone rubber make it easy to demold.

2. A kind of soft silicone,
Good tensile strength and tear strength,
Good duplication times,
Achieving mass production

3. Moderate viscosity,
Easy operation,
Pouring casting or brushing,
Even a beginner can make a good mold with such a good silicone rubber.

Package of mold making silicone rubber


mold making silicone


Shelf life of mold making silicone rubber
Ten(10) months when stored under dry and cool place by original package under 25℃.

After reading the article about mold making silicone rubber, do you still think that silicone rubber is useless ?

Love the family, love the life, love the art of life taste, silicone rubber makes our lives more grade.

More information about the apply of mold making silicone rubber, welcome to contact Whatsapp or Wechat: 0086 18988789548 


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