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Shock! The horror scenes of Hollywood blockbusters are made like this? Date:2018-06-16

You may have watched a lot of Hollywood movies. Do you still remember those chilling thrillers?

When I was a child, I remembered that the signal of my family’s TV set was not good, it only receive several television programs. As my neighborhood played DVD disc whose house always crowded with people, especially when it came to scary horror films. I am a coward so that I was afraid to watch horror films. Because once I saw thrillers, I would feel so scared that I feared to stay at home alone, even I was suspicious while I walked on the street . And what’s worse I can not sleep well at night for many days . However after I knew Hong Ye silicone rubber, I realized that the horror scenes of the Hollywood blockbusters were made like this!


silicone mask


First of all, the movie shooting team usually has a props group. Their job is to prepare the props needed for the actors according to the scene in advance . Therefore, silicone rubber, it is an essential prop in shooting thriller.

FDA silicone


For example, those silicone artificial limb that apply in the common scene of chopping hand and foot in thriller, are made of liquid silicone rubber.

FDA silicone


There is also a common scene that the actor’s scalp is cut suddenly! Actually the cutted scalp is effect headgear which is made of silicone rubber.

When shooting a cutting throat shot, the makeup artist will apply a thin silicone artifiacal skin to the actor’s neck in advance, which contains a number of catheters filled with artificial plasma. The director says: “Action” then the actor uses a knife to cut off the fake skin on his neck, and the staff hiding behind extrudes the plasma through the catheter quickly .

Silicone is soft, environmental,non-toxic and highly simulated. It can make many different kinds of silicone props according to the requirements of the different scene. The thickness of silicone will be much thinner that is almost same as the skin if it is used to imitate "scratch". So it is a big challenge for the makeup artists to display their talent on such thin silicone.

life casting silicone

When shooting ghost film, the appearance requirements of “woman ghosts” is often very high. They must be plump, thin, and with big eyes. Therefore, the silicone doll is the best choice. For it has no rich expression like people so it looks has no any difference between real people. In addition special effects can be made by the makeup artist ahead of time.


On the other hand, in order to reach a terrible effect, the sound engineer will match up with the most chilly music. Some of the thrillers are not only their scenes that make people feel curious and fearful, but also because their background music make the whole scene more realistic and make people very nervous instantly.

silicone dolls

In the end, of course, Hollywood blockbusters can't do without computer special effects.

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